About the Single Dad Diaries cast...

Who are the characters, and are they based on real people?
The characters are losely designed after people I know. I patterned Billy after my son, who was born with a full set of hair that my wife braided until he was about two. Barry is loosely patterned after a friend of mine with curly hair, but his personality was greatly exagerated. Tamara was designed after a personal friend, but I decided to make her a female version of Derrick. I figured that could be the sosurce of a lot of tension, and some good material.

Derrick Thomas, a hopeless romantic, is on a quest to balance parenting and the pursuit of happiness. Abondoned by his father as a child, he wasn't taught the finer points of the pursuit of the fairer sex, so he often makes use of a journal to recapp what he's learned... or hasn't learned.

Billy Thomas is a loving son who wanted to stay with his dad, when his folks divorced. The coolest nerd you'll know, Billy likes video games, movies, and his domineering girlfriend, Brittney.

From rival, to romance, Brittney Wells is always there for Billy. She's a no nonsense gal with a quick wit, and even quicker tongue. Billy's her "boo bear", and she's Billy's boo..

Garvin "Pop" Thomas, walked out on his son Dee, when he was a child, taking $2.00 from Dee's piggy bank on his way out. He was a selfish man, but now things are different. He's reached out to Dee as an adult, and has been trying to make amends ever since. Old habits are hard to break, but as long as he's alive he'll keep trying to earn his family's love and support.

Barry is Dee's brother from another mother, the guy behind you when you're about to take a leap of faith, the one next to you when it's about to go down, and you DEFINITELY want him as your "go to guy" when you die and there's some stuff you don't want people to see. Often Dee's sounding board, Barry helps fill in the missing lessons that Dee should have gotten from his father, when it comes to the ladies.

Ryan may not be the sharpest tack, running on a full deck, or the brightest candle, but when it comes to besties, he's there for Billy... if he could just get Brittney out of the way. He sometimes tries to get Billy to be more "black", but treats him like the brother he never had.

Who says men and women can't be friends? A bestie from way back, Tamara and Dee have been friends since childhood. In matters of the heart, she provides Dee with counsel he could never put a price on. Blind to the fact that they're two sides of the same coin, they may never BE together, but they'll always be there for each other.