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Published: 2017-09-20,
Title: Detention. Part VI
Poor Billy may have struck out on finding the muffin man, but he did find the milk man's baby. LOL Thanks for reading, please use the SHARE links.

Published: 2017-09-19,
Title: Detention. Part V
In part five of detention, Billy may have discovered who got him in trouble. Don't miss the the 4th panel, and please use the SHARE buttons to spread some cheer. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-18,
Title: Detention. Part IV
Billy wants people to know he's innocent and doesn't deserve detention. Unfortunately, the detention teacher is not the judge or jury. :) Thanks for reading! Please use the share buttons below to spread some cheer.

Published: 2017-09-15,
Title: Detention. Part III
When Billy explains how he got detention in only the 2nd week of school, grandpa gives Billy a lesson. Thanks for reading the Diaries. Please use the SHARE buttons while you're at the site.

Published: 2017-09-14,
Title: Detention. Part II
Dee enlists Pop Thomas for more info about little Billy's detention. Thanks for reading. LIKE and SHARE!

Published: 2017-09-13,
Title: Detention
It was bound to happen. Boys will be boys, right? Do you believe the school, OR could your child have been at the wrong place and time? Leave a comment, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-12,
Title: Homework help
One of the first signs of a child's maturity, is when they no longer need help with their homework. Of course a good parent is gonna check it anyway. LOL Share this with someone you used to help, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-11,
Title: The unicycle
While out shopping, Billy sees something he thinks will make a great Christmas gift. Hopefully Dee told him to make a list. Thanks for reading. Happy Monday friends!

Published: 2017-09-08,
Title: Don't even think about her
Young Billy might still have a soft spot for Brittney, and Ryan just squished it. Share if you can remember young love, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-07,
Title: Drip drip
Nothing like being awoken from a good night's sleep, but luckily for Dee, there's a tool for every job. LOL Thanks for reading the Diaries. Please share.

Published: 2017-09-06,
Title: She got me again
Dee gives in to another teacher request, after dropping of extra binders for the class. Is your kid's school always ask for stuff? Leave a comment, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-05,
Title: She needs ten more
It's the first day of school, and Dee learns he's not quite finished with his back to school shopping. SHARE if you been there, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-09-04,
Title: A big adventure. Part VI
Billy has a smashing time at the bumper cars. Thanks for reading the Single Dad Diaries. Look for new adventures in the new school year!

Published: 2017-09-01,
Title: A big adventure. Part V
Billy's desire to win get's boosted as he gets in as much fun as he can before school starts. Thanks for reading. Please share!

Published: 2017-08-30,
Title: A big adventure. Part IV
Billy's under pressure to get that last bit of fun in before school starts. Share this with your favorite student, and thanks for reading the Diaries!

Published: 2017-08-29,
Title: A big adventure. Part III
Billy's feeling the pressure of the last week before school starts, for big fun, anything worth telling the kids at school about. Thanks for reading. SHARE if you been there!

Published: 2017-08-28,
Title: Almost over
The end of summer for kids, is like the last hour at a club when you've been holding up the wall all night, waiting for the right moment with the right girl and your favorite song. Even if it's a pity dance, you'll take it. LOL

Published: 2017-08-25,
Title: A big adventure. Part II
On the quest for back to school preparedness, kids always seem to drag their feet. Share this with your adult child for old times sake, and thanks for reading!

Published: 2017-08-24,
Title: A big adventure
If you're a single parent with even one kid, you know that back to school shopping is not fun. Take a ride with Dee and Billy! Share if you've been there, and thanks for reading the Diaries!

Published: 2017-08-23,
Title: Whatever happens. Part XVIII
After Tina shares her dirty secret, Dee wants put it behind them. Will Tina pretend everything is okay? Will Tamara do a better job, pretending she wasn't evesdropping? Join us again friends, and thanks for reading!