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Published: 2016-03-22,
Title: He chose to be evil
Billy's curiosity about religion continues, as he asks about the devil. Did the devil make him do it? Thanks for TOONing in!

Published: 2016-03-21,
Title: Palm Sunday
Billy explains the celebration of Palm Sunday to his friend Ryan, and gets a secular translation if you will. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-18,
Title: You're home early.
Pop's resistance finally breaks down against Tina's mom, but they suffer a little coitus interruptus when Tina comes home early

Published: 2016-03-17,
Title: Did Jesus have a rabbit?
in the absence of knowledge, Billy has come up with his own hypothesis of the Easter bunny. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-16,
Title: Apology accepted.
Alot can be said about a woman that knows what she wants. Tina's mom has her sights on Pop Thomas and won't give up, but this time he see's her point. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-15,
Title: Ollie the owl.
Billy learns about wild life at a reserve, on a field trip, and comes up with a theory on one of it's inhabitants.

Published: 2016-03-14,
Title: I'll race ya!
Little Billy has a moment to think about his future, but nothing lasts too long in the attention span of your typical kid. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-11,
Title: She slipped him her number
Dee recaps the night with his new girlfriend and her mom, but it looks like it wasn't a hit for everyone. Thanks for reading the diaries. Have a great day!

Published: 2016-03-10,
Title: She likes her stuffing with gizzards
Not only does Tina's mom turn up the flirtation on Pop Thomas, she can't keep her hands to herself. Thanks for reading the diaries!

Published: 2016-03-09,
Title: Don't mention 'em again.
While Tina and Dee run off to the kitchen to check "the bird", her mom ups her hitting on Pop Thomas... upstairs to the bedroom. If you like any of the comics here, please use the share buttons, and thanks for your support.

Published: 2016-03-08,
Title: I see where you get it
Dee and Pop Thomas meet Tina's mom, when they come over for dinner, and find out where Tina gets her aggressive ways from. Thanks for watching.

Published: 2016-03-07,
Title: Guys night out.
When Dee and Barry have a night out for just the fellas, they find that guys night out ain't what it used to be. Thanks for reading, and please come back. Ya hear?

Published: 2016-03-04,
Title: Pass the syrup, I'm not sick anymore.
Some kids will go to great lengths to stay home from school. For Billy, that length is cut short by pancakes. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-03,
Title: He's not a kid.
As a parent, Dee knows, you can't screw around with every woman that wants to meet your kid... but a few of them can't hurt. Thanks for reading!

Published: 2016-03-01,
Title: A better white man.
Pop Thomas is no Trump supporter, that's for sure. The views expressed by Pop Thomas are not necessarily the views of this comic strip. Readers are encouraged to research the candidates and form their own bias.

Published: 2016-02-29,
Title: Mortal Kombat trivia.
Billy and Ryan's bus driver demonstrates his tolerance for trivia questions. Dedicated to all the drivers that take care of our prescious cargo. Share this with a driver you know!

Published: 2016-02-26,
Title: What happened in between?
Derrick attempts to fill Tina in on the story of he and his ex wife, Claire, without giving her the filling. Share if you've got a few bones you'd like to bury! Thanks for reading.

Published: 2016-02-25,
Title: That's a good question.
There's a good lesson in today's Single Dad Diaries comic - sometimes bad relationships can be avoided by asking the right questions. Share if you agree!

Published: 2016-02-24,
Title: Let's not watch the X Files.
After trying to explain to his son, the premise of one of his beloved shows, Derrick discovers the truth about Billy's interest. Thanks for reading, friends! Remember, sharing is caring.

Published: 2016-02-23,
Title: Who we're following.
Barry expresses his disgust in the current crop of celebrities. Share if you think the music industry is in need of resuscitation! Thanks for reading.