About the Single Dad Diaries

Where did the idea come from?

The Single Dad Diaries started out as an idea for a novel I was writing, while working for a media company in the area of education. After a few months of writing, I had only written about 20 pages and didn't have the patience to finish it. I wanted to write a story about a single dad with commitment issues, balancing life as a single guy looking for "the one" while trying to be that Cosby dad... without the spiked drinks. During a layoff about 4 mths later, I got the idea to try it as a comic strip that could become a graphic novel or even a movie. I got initial ideas for strips from a journal I started when I got divorced, so I decided to make it a slice of life comic and have him recap his day or thoughts in a diary. Since I was laid off, I got a book from the library on being a cartoonist and got started right away on character design.

Ervin L Johnson